Joining the Ringbearers

The Order of Ringbearers is restricted to Avatar (level 50) characters. All applicants must follow the guidelines set forth here.

  1. You must be applying with your main character only, which may not be a part of any guild or order at the time of your application.
  2. You must have 2 reference notes - 1 of which must be from an RB member.
  3. You may not have any of your alternate characters in any other order (guilds are allowed).
  4. You must seek an IT member of RB to turn in your references.
  5. An IT member will interview you within one week of turning in your application. If you pass the interview, a quest will be assigned, and a second interview will be scheduled.
  6. While completing your quest, the RB leaders will do a background check on you. (Following the application process means you agree to this)
  7. If you complete your quest, your background check, and your second interview, you will be inducted into the Order.
  8. You then become an acolyte for 30 days, during which you may have up to two alts brought in with your main. During your acolyte period you will be given a job serving the order in some capacity. After the thirty days you will be voted on by the order as a whole and if you pass the vote you will be a full member of RB.

All decisions are final and not open to debate. Anyone not passing the induction process is welcome to try again after 30 days. This also applies to members who are outcast from Ringbearers for any reason.