Landue of Edel puzzle

in Along the Forest Path

A small ford
The sylvan wildness is broken here by a small stream passing through.
The trees loom just away from the bubbling water, and the sounds do
much to soothe you. This looks like a good place to rest amongst the
Exits: east southwest
A small creek winds spreads out through large rocks creating a small ford.
A large destrier paws the ground.
A tall man, clad in heraldic branded armor imposes his presence here.
Theggory the knight bows from the saddle.
Theggory the knight says 'Greeting my Lord.'
Theggory the knight wonders 'I am upon a great quest, mayhaps you could provide assistance?'

You say 'quest'
Theggory the knight wonders 'Yes! I quest to find Acwellan, the Druid. Have you seen him?'

You say 'acwellan' or druid
Theggory the knight wonders 'Yes. The Druid Acwellan, a tall man. Dresses in Druidic garb, is supposed to be here some where. Tales have come to mine ears he needs help. You know where he is?'

You say 'yes'
Theggory the knight wonders 'Great! Thank you for the aid in my quest. Where may I find my groupmate Acwellan?'

You say 'a small camp'
Theggory the knight thanks you heartily.
Theggory the knight utters the words, 'yrl'.

You say 'a small camp'
Theggory the knight exclaims 'Yes! I thank you greatly for your aid traveller!'
Theggory the knight bounces in the saddle.
Theggory the knight says 'As soon as my mighty steed is refreshed again for travel I will proceed post-haste.'
Theggory the knight utters the words, 'judicandus gzfuajg'.
Your serious wounds mend and your pain ebbs away.

You say 'a small camp'
Theggory says to you 'I need further help from you, Lyedecker. My group split
up to try to find a cure for our ranger, Landue. He was bitten by a
creature from a distant plane of existance. Normal cures here don't
have any affect on the poisons that he is suffering from.
I was contacted by a witch named Meadhbh. She told me she could help.
I was to meet her in a village called Newfane to find out about an
antivenom for my friend.
Alas, I can not go to find her, now. My friend Acwellan is in danger
and I must go to him.
Please go to find Meadhbh, the witch in Newfane. She travels to our
plane of existance through the Machine Dreams. Will you help Landue?
Please say "yes" if you will help him.

You say 'yes'
Theggory the knight says 'Thank you for offering. Another group mate of ours was
bitten by something horrible. No matter what we do, we can not cure Landue of
the venoms that afflict him.'
Theggory the knight wonders 'I was told of a witch from the other planes that
knows about this sort of thing. She arrives in our plane of existance through
the Machine Dreams. Will you seek her out in the village of Newfane and help my
ranger friend?'

You say 'yes'
Theggory the knight says 'Please find the witch Meadhbh or "Mab" as she seems to
prefer in this plane.'
Theggory the knight says 'She'll be in Newfane Village through the Machine Dreams
over The Mire. She'll let you know what you will need to collect to help my friend
Theggory the knight says 'Poor Landue is suffering terribly. We've left him in
the town of Edel in the Southern Mountains to relax but he's in terrible shape.
You must find Mab and help us.'

Road to Newfane
Green leaves and ferns of a vigorous forest encroach on the sides of a dusty
dirt road that curves gently to the north and south. The roadway follows the
contour of a hill down toward the north where the tops of the buildings of a
small village can be seen peaking above the treetops. To the east, a river
sparkles blue and rushes by parallel to the roadway.
Exits: north south
A child of the village watches the festival with enthusiasm.
A child of the village watches the festival with enthusiasm.
A small spotted dog bounds around excitedly.

look dog
This dog bounces, rampages around and chews on things it's not supposed to.
Little more than a puppy, her fur is black with occasional white spots. She
is approximately two feet tall, most of it legs. Her ears perk and turn
constantly with each new noise that draws her attention. Her long tongue
lolls out of her mouth at an adorable angle as she stares at you intently.

A small spotted dog is in perfect health.

The dog gives you a strange look of recognition.
The dog stands up on its hind legs. Her black fur starts turning into black clothing
and a black hat as she turns back into her human form.
Now a witch, dressed in black with very white skin, she nods a greeting to you.
You nod in agreement to her.
The witch says 'I know why you've come. Theggory must look after his other groupmates.
You will need to help Landue.
The witch says 'I know what is afflicting Landue. He was bitten by a being from
another plane. It is not a normal toxin. I will have to make an antivenom for you
to take to him.
The witch says 'You must get, for me, two items. I need a goblet of the finest
crystal and it must be full of a golden amber brandy. It is pure and sweet enough
that it should work to mix the antivenom into.
The witch says 'Also, I will need you to bring me the venomsack of a basilisk.
There is a basilisk cave in the old section of sewers below the river that runs
between the wastelands and the mire.

look witch
Meadhbh is in perfect health.

Meadhbh appears to be between level 15 and 20.
Meadhbh looks like an Ethereal, and follows the ways of the alchemist

l basilisk
The basilisk is a reptilian monster. It has eight legs and wide, strong,
toothy jaws. It is dull brown with yellowish underbelly. It's eyes are
glowing pale green.

The scaled basilisk is in perfect health.

You peek at his inventory:
(Magical) a basilisk's eye
a backpack

kill the basilik, get the venomsack
The corpse of The scaled basilisk holds:
(Magical) a basilisk's eye
a backpack
a basilisk venomsack

in Machine Dreams
Road to Newfane
You give a basilisk venomsack to Meadhbh.
Meadhbh says to you, 'Now I must have the fine crystal goblet full of the golden amber
brandy. It is pure enough to make an antivenom.'
Meadhbh says to you, 'Find Baron Appleby. His brandy is perfect for this concoction
and he drinks it from fine enough glass.'

l baron
A more disgusting creature would be difficult to find. Though it is quite
apparent Appleby's clothes are of the finest silks and leathers imported from
the furthest reaches of the Realm, their value plummeted the moment they hit
this slob's skin. If one cared to look at him long enough, his meals for the
past month could be easily determined. Not too difficult for anyone to know,
though that most of said meals involved the fatty bits of many animals.

Baron Appleby is in perfect health.

Baron Appleby is using:
a goblet of finest crystal

You peek at his inventory:

kill the Baron, get the goblet
You take a closer look at a goblet of finest crystal in inventory...
You see nothing special.
It's more than full of a golden amber liquid.

in Machine Dreams
You give a goblet of finest crystal to Meadhbh.
Meadhbh says to you, 'This is good. This will work.'
meadhbh breaks open the venomsack and lets the contents drip into the crystal goblet.
Meadhbh gives you the antivenom.
Meadhbh says to you, 'Take that antivenom to Landue. It can cure the toxins from
another plane which are afflicting him.'

Object 'the antivenom' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 10 drinkcon, weight 1.
Special properties: none
This drinkcon has a gold value of 0.

You give the antivenom to Landue.
Landue looks at the antivenom
Landue drinks brandy from the antivenom.
Landue says 'I can feel it working. My blood isn't boiling inside me. My heart is
slowing down toward a normal beat.'
Landue exclaims 'You've saved my life. You've saved my life!'
Landue says 'I must go and regather my scattered group and let them know I'm okay.
There is so much we must do.'
Landue says 'Please, take this armour that my groupmate will no longer need.
Take it with my gratitude.'
Landue gives you gold dragonscale plate.
Landue smiles at you.
You gain 12000 experience.
Landue utters the words 'Xafe ay candusqarr'
Landue vanishes.

Object 'gold dragonscale plate' is infused with your magic...
It is a level 18/19 armor, weight 3.
Locations it can be worn: body
Special properties: none
This armor has a gold value of 1510500.
Owner: player name
Armor class is 16 of 16.
Affects armor class by -10.
Affects hp by 42.
Affects save vs spell by -4.
Affects constitution by 1.
Affects luck by 1.
Affects hit roll by 3.
Affects damage roll by 2.